Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two-size conversion of bumGenius

I have two dozen bumGenius diapers in size medium that I can't use because no one is currently in that size. I finally decided to convert them all to snap closures and make them into two-size diapers (small and med.). To do it you will need some type of ruler, snap pliers/press, awl, scrap of PUL or other waterproof material, pencil, 6 caps 3 studs, and 3 sockets. I buy all my snap supplies from

I previously had done the conversion to snap closures, so I'll go over that in another tutorial. To do the small size you will need to find the center of the diaper and mark it with a pin or a dot. Measure down 2 1/2" from the top of the diaper and make a mark in the center of the diaper. Make one additional dot 2 3/8" to each side. Make a second set of marks one inch lower on the diaper. The second set of marks can be further away to make the small a smaller size, but one inch makes it the same size as the small on bumgenius onesize diapers.

With your awl poke holes through each mark. Insert your hand if you need to to make sure you are only going through the PUL and not through all the layers.

Now, with your scrap you are going to make six dots that coincide with the dots on the cover. Mark one in the center a little way down and then one to each side at the same width you did on the cover. Use the awl and poke the holes in the scrap. I use a scrap of PUL to reinforce the snaps so they don't rip the fabric, and it also gives it a better thickness to set the snaps.

Insert the caps into the scrap and then put the scrap into the diaper and line the prongs up with the dots on the diaper and push them through.

The PUL should hold the caps in place, but if they don't go ahead and put the studs on the top line and sockets on the bottom and push them down firmly. They should stay put then. I put the caps on the scrap seperate from the diaper because it is too hard to line up the scrap if the holes are poked through both the diaper and scrap at the same time.

Once all the caps, studs and sockets are in place use the snap pliers and from the outside go around all layers of fabric and center it on the snap set. Squeeze firmly and that's it! Set the other five snap sets and you're done.

What the finished diaper looks like:

Here it is next to a bumGenius onesize diaper set on the smallest setting. Same size!

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