Thursday, March 4, 2010

Basic Snap Closure Bib

Here is an easy bib to make. It's an under 1/2 hour project. I like to use snaps because they are hard for my kids to get off. Velcro is too easy to rip apart even when they are little, and the little metal snaps are almost as easy for them also. I use plastic snaps. They are easy to attach and hard for little hands to undo from behind their necks.

The supplies you will need for this are: two pieces of fabric cut into style of bib you like, snap pliers/press, 4 caps, 3 sockets, and 1 stud, an awl, and a pencil/pen.

With right sides of fabric together sew around bib using a 1/4" seam allowance. Be sure to leave a gap of a few inches for turning.

I like to leave the gap at the bottom of the bib, but that is my preference. Any straight side will work well.

Trim seams around the tighter curves and be sure to clip around the neck hole. Be careful not to cut into the seam. If you do you will need to restitch over top of it.

Turn and pin hole closed. If you feel like you need to iron it now you can, but I tend to skip this step and pull the seam flat as I top stitch.

Now you need to top stitch around the entire bib. I like to start where my opening is pinned. Sew close to the edge of the fabric, and make sure you have the seam pulled out nice and flat if you haven't ironed it. I use the inside of my presser foot as the guide for the edge and move the needle over one spot to the right.

Fold the wings of the neck in half and iron or finger press. With the pencil make a mark at 1/2", 1 1/4", and 2" along the crease. Make another mark on the other wing at 1/2" Using the awl, poke a hole through each of the marks on both sides of the neck. (4 holes in all)

Insert three caps on the underside of the wing with three holes. Then place the sockets on the top side. Line the pliers up around the entire snap set and fabric and squeeze. Finish the other two and then go to the other side. The cap will go on the top of the other side with the stud facing downward. Once again, center pliers around snap set and squeeze tightly.

Finished snaps

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