Monday, March 1, 2010

Hoodie towel

How fun to make this....

Into this...

I love to make these towels, and the kids love to have them after their baths. They have a much easier time wrapping themselves up and not losing the towel with these rather than with a non-hooded towel. They like them so much better than regular towels, and since I'm anal about some things (like how the towels are folded before being hung on the towel bar) they are perfect for the kids. They each have a hook in the bathroom for their towel, and they look cute hanging up in a line. And I don't go crazy since there are no towels bunched up on the towel bar.

I forgot to take pictures of some steps, but it's pretty simple, so here we go...
To make two towels you need two bath towels and one hand towel. I usually make them in sets of two for that reason. Otherwise I have half a hand towel laying around. To begin cut the hand towel in half lengthwise (Down the middle of the long side). Forgot that picture. Then fold one half in half with right sides together. You will want to get the stripe to match up if there is one on it. I use a 1/4" seam and then zigzag the raw edges to prevent fraying, or if I have the serger out I just use that. Sewing a wider seam is fine. Nothing wider than 1/2" though, it would get too bulky.
Here it is with the hand towel opened. I always sew them from the bottom to the top because it is easier to keep the stripe even if you start from there. By the way, I was making two different towels at once, so the color will switch between the two.
Now, with the hand towel on bottom, right side UP, lay the bath towel, right side UP on top of it. I put a pin in the center and line that up with the seam on the hand towel. Line the top of the big towel up with the stripe on the hand towel hood. If there isn't a stripe on your hand towel line the bath towel up about 3" from the bottom of the hand towel.

Like so...

On the TOP side
Sew right along the top edge next to the stripe. You will just be sewing the length of the hand towel. Be sure to back stitch at the beginning and the end.

Now on the BACK side sew along the three remaining edges of the hand towel. When you come to a corner have the needle in the down position and lift the foot. Turn the towel and keep going. Back stitch at the beginning and end! I don't pin anything but the center of the top to line everything up usually, but that's just me. Pin away if you want to.
And here it is on one of my girls. Her face was filthy and her hair was a mess, so no forward view! The initial was put on using Heat and Bond, but I still stitched over it since it doesn't seem to want to stay on terry cloth as well as flat material.

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